The Oyo-born Comedian, and popular veteran actor, Olaniyi Afonja, aka Sanyeri has revealed how tough it was for him and his family when his wife was delivered of their first child.

Sanyeri recently shared his experience about his 10-year old marriage to his wife with.

According to him, at the time he married his wife, the only property he had was the tribal mark.

“I always remember those times that we didn’t have much and she stuck by me. When my wife gave birth to our first child, I had just N3, 500 with me, so it was quite tough. That’s why I always say that there is nothing I cannot give my wife. As of the time she married me, the only property I had was my tribal mark.‎” he said.

‎On how he met his wife, Sanyeri said: “I met her in 2004 when I want to screen my movie, Okan Emi, at the National Theatre in Iganmu, Lagos. She came there to have a good time. I sighted her and her friend from afar. I walked up to her friend and told her I liked her friend but she said I should tell her myself. So I went to her and told her I would want us to get closer but she replied that was it because I just shot a movie that made me think I could ask her out. Afterwards, she walked away. After that day, I saw her about a month later and I requested for her number. Even then, it took me a while to convince her to date me.


“My wife has never fought any of my fans, whether male or female. Even when we travel abroad and some fans ask me to sign autographs on some parts of their bodies, she would encourage me to do so. Some of them would even hug and kiss me in her presence but she doesn’t mind. Even when street urchins accost me, she encourages me to give them money.”