Oduduwa, Olofin Adimula, Oba: Pioneer of Yoruba Idealism, Father of Yoruba philosophy, Bringer of Light to Yorubaland and founder of the Yoruba people, phonetically written by his people as Odùduwà and sometimes contracted as Odudua or Oòdua,is generally held among the Yoruba to be the ancestor of the crowned Yoruba kings (he reigned as king of Ife in the 1100s).

Odùduwà is generally said to be of Easterly origins (some in Oyo say Mecca, but historians generally assume Ekiti-Okun region at the confluence of the great rivers and the general area where language shift occurred between the Yorubas and their neighbors).

The Ife oral traditions, on the other hand, tell that Odùduwà was the son of the supreme God, and was sent by him from heaven to create the earth. It was established that when Odùduwà arrived ancient Ife, he and his group conquered the component communities and eventually evolved the palace structure with an effective centralized power and dynasty.

Oral history tells us that Oduduwa had a son known as Okanbi. Okanbi had EIGHT children. SEVEN (Onipopo of Popo, Onisabe of Sabe, Alara of Ara, Ajero of Ijero, Orangun of Oke-Ila, Owa Obokun Ajibogun of Ijesaland and Oranmiyan) by his “legal” wife, and one (Ooni) by his slave turned wife, named ORUNTO. The first seven were sent out by their father to establish other kingdoms while Ooni stayed behind to take care of their father and he inherited the throne of his father after his demise.

The people of Ijero Ekiti have settled in various places before the final settlement in the Ijero Kingdom. Their first movement was from Ile- Ife at a place called Ita Ajero (the quarter still exists in Ile-Ife till today) They final settlement in the Ijero Kingdom which was precisely in the year 1312AD and the king who led them to the present Ijero Kingdom was called Owa-Ogbe. While Ajero left Ile-Ife to the present Ijero kingdom, he met a family who also came from Ile-Ife called Olodo-Oye family and this family worships Obalufon Alayemore.

Some other families which he met includes Alapa family, Oloku family among others but due to the supremacy of Ajero, these families could not fight against him but rather submitted to his royalty. Presently, Owa-lodooye, one of these families is one of the the high chiefs of Ijero Ekiti.