Olojo rites commenced Yesterday Wednesday, October 12th with 16 spiritual heads of Ile -Ife. The Olojo rites are in preparation for the sacred Aare, sacred beaded crown that will come out on the 15th Oct 2016 when Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi, OjajaII comes out of seclusion.

Olojo Festival – Osun State

The crown is actually the 1st in the world that gave birth to all crowns. It is  the heritage of the entire black race. The Aare sacred beaded crown is the only spiritual deity that can be seen with naked eyes by any human being in this world and is worn ONCE A YEAR. The crown which is reportedly heavier than the weight of a car will be worn by the Ooni when he emerges from seclusion to deliver a Terestial message to the world.

Oludumare which means God almighty in Yoruba is also tied to the Aare crown – Olodumare.

Olojo Festival Priest
Olojo Festival Priest

Olu Odu to mo ade are. The head of mystery that molded Aare crown. It is only Ife that you will see Aare crown in the entire world.
It is reportedly whispered that when the Ooni emerges wearing the Aare crown to deliver his Message, a lot of strange things will happen.