It is everywhere. The ibadan bus driver, making his early morning rounds, spits a slimly stream of rusty red kola chewed to assure his alertness in the battle of supremacy of the hilly street of the ancient city of Ilorin the wizened mallam dispense broken chips of the most treasured gift along with prayerful greetings to passerby.. Obi it is a special food indeed, A scared food, send by olodumare to remind us of the simplicity of creation in this most complex world.

The real phenomenon of Obi is that virtually everyone, across barriers of Culture and language and religion recognize it’s specialty- Certainly the most common saying across the 8,000miles of West African Coast, no matter the tribe or language is ” He who bring kola, brings joy” How did obi become special? One chapter of the famous Yoruba oral scripture known as Ifa describes Obi as a sacred messenger of God.

OYEKUN—- Ogunda describes how obi received Ase from Olodumare.
Osun su were were,
Awo eti igbo,
Eti gbongbon awe ale odo,
Apetepete inu omi,
Ni oo mu pe orun peyi ode,
Adifa fun okankan irumole,
Won ran obi Nise,
Lo ile Olodumare,
Ewe oko lafi ko bi wa sile aiye,
Ise ta ran obi,
Ewe igbago lafi gba obi lati,
Ode orun bo,
Igbago duro, gbaje, gba aya,
Gba omotutun fun wa
Ise ti aran obi,
Obi ma je re ooo…

Osunsun (Red Flower)
The awo of leaves that grow along the busg paths
The root of the awo beneath a river
Was the one called the sun of the earth
Was the one who defined for each orisa
Obi was an errand
To the house of Olodumare
Kolanut please deliver the message well
The leaves of igbago (Palm leaves) carry kolanut from heaven to earth
The message was sent with Obi, may you deliver it well
Igbago is what we use
In wrapping to heaven
Igbago wait to receive blessing of wealth and wives
Bring new babies for us.

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