Obatala is the “White Orisa” and the Orisa responsible for molding the physical form of humanity before Oludumare gives us life with his divine breath. He’s perfectly clean and expresses himself with the presence of efun (naturally forming white chalk). Liquor and red palm oil are taboo to him and his followers. Obatala is the orisa of logic, thought, and clarity and as such children of Obatala are generally logical and “heady.” In fact, children of Obatala invariably require more “time alone” than most other people as their lives are often ruled by their ability to think quietly and process. Obatala is symbolized by the color white, white doves..

Father of humanity, the right hand of Olodumare, Obatala is the supreme deity of justice, wisdom and life. Obatala’s color is white, which is often accented with other colors, namely red, coral, green or purple, according to the road. His symbols are a single, solid silver bracelet, a white horsetail switch (Irukere), a cane and a silver bell or “Agogo-Oje,” which is used when saluting him.

Obatalá “King of the White Cloth” and he represents peace, sober decision making, creativity, purity, and divination. The social role associated with him is that of an Elder or Sage and his elements or natural stages are the mountains, clouds, and palm trees. Some of the most distinctive features of Obatalá are the myth of creation that has been linked to him, the traditional offerings presented to him and the location of his supposed home, his “claim over individuals”, and the many associations with others Saints and gods that he has received through time.

Obatalá is said to be the owner of all ori, which means heads. This is an important concept because it is believed that the souls of people are located in their heads. It has been claimed that Obatalá is one of the oldest Orishas and that he is the “King of Kings”. For this reason, he is also recognized as the father of all Orishas. He is known to have Three wives,Oduduwa, Yemoo, and Igbin. Obatalá is known to be patient and to posses good judgment, he is also believed to cause earthquakes when he becomes infuriated.

Obatala embraces all her children with patience and love. Among its many qualities is that he brings intelligence, peace and calm to the world. In nature is symbolized by the mountains. Is the Intercede with any Orisha for any individual to have difficulty, because it is considered the father of mankind and owner of all heads.

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