Majestically, Ooni Takes Tourism To Another Level As He Re-defines Ile- Ife, Ooni Builds Queen Moremi Ajasoro Statue of Liberty, Tallest In Nigeria, Third In Africa

Finally, the tallest statue in Nigeria and the 3rd in Africa (42ft) will be unveiled in honour of Queen Moremi Ajasoro as part of the Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II’s drive to turn Ile-ife as the hub of global tourism destination.
The Queen Moremi Ajasoro Statue of Liberty is the first of its kinds in this great fist of cultural exhibition and transformation of Ile-Ife into a major tourist zone.
Moremi Ajasoro, Princess of the Yoruba, was a figure of high significance in the history of the Yoruba peoples of West Africa.

Moremi Ajasoro, Princess of the Yoruba, was a figure of high significance in the history of the Yoruba peoples. She was a member-by-marriage of the royal family of Emperor Oduduwa, the progenitor of the Yoruba people. She was the wife of King Oranmiyan of Ife (and later Oyo). A woman of tremendous beauty and a faithful and zealous supporter of her husband and the Kingdom of Ile Ife. Moremi Ajasoro, Princess of the Yoruba, was a figure of high significance in the history of the Yoruba peoples. At this time there were neighboring tribes called Igbo, who were regularly and successfully raiding the people at and around Ile Ife. enslaved by these people, and because of this they were generally regarded with disdain by the Yoruba city-states.

Moremi was a very brave and beautiful woman who, in order to deal with the problem facing her people, offered anything she had to give in sacrifice to the Spirit of the river Esimirin so that she could discover the strength of her nation’s enemies.
Moremi decided upon a strategy. She went to the nearby river Esinmirin, and vowed to deity that she would make the greatest sacrifice possible if they allowed her to discover the strength of her nation’s enemies. She then went to a place that was raided frequently, and when the raiders did come she allowed herself to be captured. Being very beautiful she was taken as booty to the Igbo King. She was very confident and skillful, and soon won the trust and affection of the King and people in Igbo land. She became familiar with their customs and tactics of warfare. She found that the Igbo, in preparation for battle, would cover themselves from head to toe with Ekan grass and bamboo fibers. She realized that if someone could pass amongst the Igbo warriors with a torch that they could be defeated.
Feeling that she had adequate knowledge, she escaped, to the great surprise of her Igbo captors. She returned to her first husband, King Oramiyan of Ife (and later Oyo), who immediately had her re-instated as his Princess Consort. Knowing the warfare secrets of the Igbo, the people of Ife were forever freed from the terrors of these previously invincible warriors.
In order to fulfill the pledge she made to Esimirin before embarking on her mission, she made sacrifice of rams and lambs, but these were not accepted. The priests told her that the only sacrifice the gods would accept was her only son -Oluorogbo. Dejected she allowed her only son to be sacrificed in gratitude for saving her people The Ife nation mourned with her and she was held in the absolute highest esteem of any women in the Kingdom. They committed to forever be her sons and daughters in memory of her sacrific
While extolling virtues of the great African heroine, the Ooni Ogunwusi praised God for making one of his greatest dreams come to reality within his one-year on the throne of his forefathers. .
He described the heroine (Moremi) as the real mother of liberty in the world whose legacy must not be left in the oblivion.
“God Almighty has given me the grace of achieving one of my greatest ambitions within my first year on this sacred throne of Oduduwa.
“Moremi Ajasoro, an Ife queen who in her lifetime exhibited an unrivaled heroism of world’s liberty dedicated her life to the liberation of mankind by sacrificing her only child to free the people of Oodua land from the invasion of some faceless terrorists thousands of years ago.
“We are already constructing the tallest statue in Nigeria to be known as MOREMI LIBERTY STATUE. This 42ft-statue which will be the third tallest in Africa is being erected right where Moremi lived before she became a diety thousands of years ago, as a goddess of liberty.
“It is going to be one of the greatest achievements in Nigerian tourism and will be unveiled in two weeks time during this year’s EDI/ MOREMI festival which is just a tip of the iceberg, as many more tourist advancement are coming in the subsequent years.” Ooni Ogunwusi said.
Olori Wuraola Ogunwusi(Yeyelua) urged females to emulate the bravery act of Moremi, saying women needed to make themselves available for challenging roles on the modern society.
She explained that Moremi’s personality remained unique in the World and would continue to remain an important point of reference.
“Moremi is an important figure and a great warrior worthy of emulation. With the pageant, we are trying to globalise and make the world know about a very important person.
T‎imes are changing and women are beginning to realise that we need to grow stronger. We need to show strong character in changing the society. I urge them to emulate the great heroine and be saviours to others.”