The iyaami are the women that guide Olodumare, they go by the name Aje or Iyaami… The three iyaami that primarily guide Olodumare are called Ayere Eiye Ayere Eiye Oyeye Eiye Ti Se Oniko Eleiye.

These three iyaami not only guide Olodumare, but they empower the Aje on earth. They are the ones that originally sent Aje to the world..

The three iyaami have supreme power over Aje on earth and they are the ones who initiated and spread Aje throughout the world.
The Aje on earth fall into two categories, Oso, which are male Aje and the Eleiye which are the female Aje

Esu has ability to enter among both Oso and Eleiye, No one can choose to initiate Aje/Iyaami, they choose who they want to initiate and ”call” that person.

No one can say they have been initiated to Iyaami or say they can initiate you..No one can have or give a shrine to the Iyaami or Aje
If someone claims to have an Iyaami shrine, or can give a shrine, to have been initiated to Iyaami or wants to initiate you, they are speaking falsely.