Years ago, I wrote some folktales about Egungun, I got a call and was asked if Egungun are from the heavens, I called my research teams and we embark in a journey to do some findings about Egun and Egungun…

We bring some fact we got..

Egun is a spirit from heaven and can be said that he is the first Orisha that comes from heaven to the earth.. He is the spirit that guides all other Orisha from heaven to earth.. Egun is the combination of the ancestor. Yoruba meaning to Egun is called “Straight” so it is believed Egun makes someone life straight. Egun is the first to come to earth, followed by Orin as the second, Orisha is the third while Orunmila is the fourth.

We hate the heavenly Egun while we have the ones of the earth. Heavenly Egun is believed to be the ancestors from heaven while the ones on earth are like families, friends who came to these world and are gone.

Heavenly Egun comes directly to work with the earth Egun, Egun uses death stick, it is use when making sacrifice in Egun shrine. Oya the goddess can also be refer to as Egan, cause she can change to buffalo, Ogun also can be called Egun, Witches are Egun of the night, also Osun is an Egun, cause she stays in calabash. Egungun is a masquerade with mask basically for the Earth alone as a remembrance of our past hero’s, families. Women during her period section are not allowed into Egungun shrine. Labala and Alaagba. Alaagba sew Egungun cloths, it is believed that Egungun society is called Blood Groups.. Oje

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