Sango was the third Alaafin of Oyo. He was the second son of Oranmiyan; the founder of Oyo Empire; the youngest of the grandsons of Oduduwa.
Sango was a brave and powerful man that inherited most of his special abilities from the Nupe, his mother’s people.


During the reign of Alaafin Ajaka,Oyo Empire was under a regular treat of war from Olowu, Ajaka’s cousin; who rules Owu Kingdom….
Olowu later sent his warriors to capture Alaafin Ajaka and bring him to Owu.
In their bid to rescue Alaafin Ajaka, the Oyomesi (Oyo’s council of chiefs), sent for Sango in Nupeland where he had lived.
He rescue to Ajaka and he was crowned King while Alaafin Ajaka was sent into exile. Sango, in his lifetime, had three wives;

Sango displaying his prowess
Sango displaying his prowess

Oba, the first wife and in the traditional sense the legitimate, Oshun, the second and
Oya, the third, a concubine (as no marriage right or dowry was paid on her) was a spirit who has the power to transform from human to animal.
She also has the power to summon rain. Together with Sango’s thunderbolt, they had terrific victories in battles…