EDO’S and the YORUBA’S are two ethnic groups divinely United through the destiny of EKALADERHAN (ODUDUWA). ODUDUWA (EKALADERHAN) was the only son (prince) of OGISO OWODO (The 36TH OGISO of the OGISO Dynasty) of IGODOMIGODO (BENIN). The whole scenarios started more than a thousand years Ago in IGODOMIGODO ( Present day Benin City). The King who only had one male child (EKAKADERHAN) and tens of daughters was very disturbed because of his only Son. So he send delegate to enquire why his wives could not have other male children. Among the delegate was one of the kings wife (ESAGHO) who had no child at all. On arrival and consultation The Oracle revealed that it was the Kings wife (ESAGHO) who has been responsible for the king not having other male children through black magic hence she had none. The Oracle instructed that the woman should be used for sacrifice to the Gods so that the rest women can have male children.

On their way back to the Kings palace, ESAGHO confronted the other delegates and vowed that She will tell the King that she was Raped by the delegates, such offence attract death penalty. So she compel them to say it was EKALADERHAN (ODUDUWA) who was the cause of the problem. On their arrival, the message was delivered to the KING as compelled by ESAGHO. When The King heard the message,he was aggrieved but he cannot stop the Gods from executing it request. So EKALADERHAN (ODUDUWA) was sentenced to die as a sacrificial lamb for the rest of his father’s wife to have male children as indicted by the wicked wife (ESAGHO) .

On the sacrificial day,the young lad (EKALADERHAN-ODUDUWA) was handed over to the Executioner and he was taking to the forest to be executed,but the executioner did not slay him but broke the chain used in binding him into two because of the love and affection he had for the proficient young prince.The young prince later ran toward the western part of IGODOMIGODO (BENIN). After weeks of continuous roaming in the jungle, he find him self in UGHOTON (GWATO – This place is situated in the western riverine area of Bight of Benin). After a shot while in UGHOTON, EKALADERHAN (ODUDUWA) realized that the place was a province of IGODOMIGODO (BENIN) because the EDO language was spoken there. So he left the place and moved further west until he find himself in ILE-IFE.

During this period, ILE- IFE was a conglomeration of principalities ruled over by smaller chiefs without any supreme ruler. OBATALA was one of the rulers in one of these principalities. At this same period, the YORUBA’S was constantly under attack by other rival tribes and they have been waiting for the Liberator King as prophesied by their Priest.

On arrival,EKALADERHAN (ODUDUWA) coexisted with the people of the newly found land (ILE-IFE). First he started as an iron smith (OGUN) which is the main profession and Deity of the people of IGODOMIGODO (BENIN) , He was also into clothes making with cotton. It came to a time when ILE-IFE came under attack by their rival tribe and EKALADERHAN’S (ODUDUWA) home was also attacked. But unfortunately,the invaders met a fierce resistance from EKALADERHAN (ODUDUWA).The prince fought with all his might arming himself with the tools he made for sales.The invaders were later defeated and chased out of the town. He later organized and equipped some hundred of YORUBA brave warriors with Iron weapons and leather shields and foot wears and invaded the land of the rivals Tribes. It was these series of battles that brought about EKALADERHAN’S (ODUDUWA) fame and recognition in ILE-IFE. The leaders of ILE-IFE now invited EKALADERHAN (ODUDUWA) to their gathering and ask him who he was. He gave his name as ODE-UWA (which translates in EDO *Path to Wealth*) He further told them that he is the son of OGIE-ISO (The King of the sky) . The word *OGIE-ISO* is the Ruling title of Kings that rules IGODOMIGODO in those period) from the East . As they heard him,they quickly prostrated and shouted KABIKABI O because the YORUBA’S now believed he is the liberator king foretold by the Oracle.

He was made KING over ILE-IFE and was given a wife. He had one son,called OKANBI .OKANBI had EIGHT children (Onipopo of Popo, Onisabe of Sabe, Alara of Ilara, Ajero of Ijero, Orangun of Oke-Ila, Owa Obokun Ajibogun of Ijesaland and Oranmiyan) by his “legal” wife, and one (OOni) by his slave turned wife, named ORUNTO. After many years there was no peace in the kingdom of IGODOMIGODO (BENIN) after the death of the last OGISO ( OGISO-OWODO) because the KING has no other male child to succeed him. There was feud between the chiefs of whom will rule as KING. The People was left without a king for decades of years with EVIAN( The great monster buster) as interim leader. It came to a time when the chief priest consulted the Divine God (OGHENE). The God instructed the priest through an Oracle to design a compass made of palm fronds.The spirit of the kings was invoked on the compass and immediately the compass moved towards the west trailing EKALADERHAN’S (ODUDUWA) path, The Prince whom they believe was still alive somewhere. Emissaries were sent along the compass. Few weeks later,the compass arrived at ILE-IFE and settled at the KING’S palace hovering at the entrance to the KING’S courtyard. At the appearance of the KING,the compass swiftly moved the Bearer tothe feet of OKANBI.

During this time,EKALADERHAN (ODUDUWA) was so old that he could no longer come out of his DEN. His Son OKANBI was in charge of the people affairs and he attended to the visitors from the East.The emissaries then delivered their message. after careful listening ,OKANBI convey the message to his Father (EKALADERHAN- (ODUDUWA) .When EKALADERHAN (ODUDUWA) heard the message,he ask his son OKANBI to bring them in to his Den for a chat. During the Chat, EKALADERHAN (ODUDUWA) communicated with the emissaries in EDO language.He was so please to see his people once again after so many years in Exile in ILE-IFE. The emissaries requested the KING to comeback Home (IGODMIGODO) or ask one of his grand Sons to come along with them to rule as their KING. EKALADERHAN (ODUDUWA) who was already too old burst into tiers and told his chiefs that the visitors were from his fathers land (IGODOMIGODO-BENIN) in the East. Remembering what led to his departure from his father land,EKALADERHAN (ODUDUWA) decline their request because he had no trust on them because of what happened to him decades ago.

But the emissaries begged with repentance and sincerity that they are changed people of a new generation. EKALADERHAN (ODUDUWA) now gave them an option that they should return back to IGODOMIGODO (BENIN) with three LICE .He ask them to train the LICE for three years,that if the LICE can survive with them for three years,then he will give them one of his Grandson. The emissaries went back Home with Great Hope and kept the LICE in the hair of a Slave for three years. Three years later,the Emissaries shaved off the hair of the slave and removed the LICE in it. This time,the LICE has Increased from three to hundreds. The LICE was kept in a container and taking to ILE-IFE by the emissaries.