A visit to the State of the Living Spring, Osun state , is not complete for a tourist without a visit to Erin-Ijesa in Oriade local government.   You might be wondering why a tourist will need to take such trip from the state capital, Osogbo, which is home to the popular Osun Osogbo festival and culture. The answer is not far fetched as Erin Ijesha is host to the popular Olumirin Waterfalls. The waterfall is 2km off Erin Ijesha town. According to one of the custodians of the waterfall, it was discovered by a woman called Akinla, founder of Erin-Ijesha town and a granddaughter of Oduduwa, the progenitor of the Yoruba race, in the year 1140 AD during the migration of Ife people to Erin- Ijesa. Legend has it that when it was first discovered, the waterfall had the appearance of a mysterious figure.