The bedrock of meaningful development in any society or community has been identified and established as the conscious and passionate appreciation and respect for prevalent cultural trajectory.
ARGUNGU SERIES ART PROJECT DOCUMENTATION /REPRESENTATIONS is an idea born out of the need to engender positive propagation and promotion of the rich cultural Artistic heritage of the Argungu Emirate of Kebbi state, Nigeria, for generations’ developmental consciousness in a sustainable manner. It is important to acknowledge that visual documentation/representations are very potent tools of communication for social consciousness and orientation. Information disseminated there from re-vibrates indelibly in the recipient’s sub-conscious perpetually.


ARGUNGU SERIES will work acidulously and seek to disseminate the rich cultural and traditional heritage and ideals inherent in the Argungu Emirate through creative/visual representations.


To further ventilate the enviably established local and international status of the Argungu Emirate and her ideals for positive social economic development and advancement through visual art.